Our Story

Dear Mama, Daddio, Rockstar & Friend!

First things first… Hi from me, Amy aka wife and mama to two little rockstars.

When I started Lullaby Rock back in 2013 I had a dream to create cool mini fashion to compliment and reflect our own sense of style. Modern but with attitude.

My love for music, fashion and children all rolled into one big dream.

I soon realised that it was more than just awesome clothing… I was pouring my heart and soul into every piece and putting it out into the world for the world to see. I finally (and literally) wore my heart on my sleeve.

I soon realised I wanted other parents to be able to express themselves and celebrate their mini-me’s in the most unique way.

It was not only about finding something special to wear but more about finding “something” to become “someone” in. Finding your own unique style and being able to express yourself in a unique way.

Apparel and accessories to grow in, to live in, to feel comfortable in and to feel comforted in.

Rompers, shorties & bloomers to grow in and to explore in and to make your first steps in.

Bibs & Burp cloth’s to learn in, to mess in and to spit up in!

Luxury Mini Fashion Statements to capture, create and celebrate once in a lifetime moments and milestones!

It’s more about creating memories and about that Rock’nRoll feeling you get when you look at your baby and just about burst with love & pride!

That love & pride you feel is how I feel about every single garment I create!

“With Love in Our Hearts & Rock ‘n Roll in Our Soul” – Lullaby Rock


Amz & the crew